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Webinar Recorded – Earth Observations & Statistics

Unlocking socio demographic knowledge through the power of satellite images June 18, 2020

The continuous urbanization in many cities is coupled with rapid socio-economic and demographic changes inurban, peri-urban, and rural areas. Many cities are rapidly growing, which is accompanied by urban transformation processes, such as gentrification, but also by an increase in poor urban neighborhoods. The socio-economic and demographic changes are rapid, their linkages are not well understood, and the data are often not available or are outdated. Traditionalsurvey-based methods are slow and costly for covering large regions, and the data are mostly outdated when they are finally published (e.g., national census). Furthermore, data might be aggregated at geographically arbitrary units that might average and hide poor areas. Therefore, remote sensing has a vast potential to provide such information so as to support monitoring transformations and provide relevant information for planning and decision making. We aim to showcase how EO-based proxies of socio-economic and demographic data could contribute to rapidly providing relevant information when large areal coverage and/or multi-temporal information is required, in support of sustainable development.

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