Wednesday, April 24, 2024


Our team is working on several interlinked projects to map invisible space and make information on deprived urban areas available in support of pro-poor policies.

The IDEAMAPS Network is developing and maintaining an Integrated DEprived Area MAPping System (IDEAMAPS) that leverages the strengths of our current silo-ed approaches to “slum” area mapping.

ACCOUNT (Accounting for the unaccounted) is developing a machine-learning based framework for estimating the population of invisible spaces in support of the SDG Slum Indicator.

The SLUMAP project (Remote Sensing for SluMapping and Characterization in sub-Saharan African Cities) is a two-year research project (2019-2021) funded by the STEREO-III programme of the Belgian Science Policy (BELSPO).

IDEAMAPSUDAN (Integrated Deprivation Area Mapping System for Displacement Durable Solutions and socioeconomic reconstruction in Khartoum, Sudan) is implementing a training project in Sudan on Capacity strengthening for gender-responsive and sustainable urban development.